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LiquidX InBlock:
A leader in digitization

We are the leading industry platform in true digitization.

Level up: digitization is the pathway to true automation.

Transform your business with our industry-leading, cutting-edge technology.
Built to optimize middle- and back-office digitization by up to 50%.

Bring Digitization to the Forefront with a Turnkey Solution.

Behind LiquidX’s InBlock are 30 different technologies to bring together turnkey solutions in digitization. Do business faster, smarter and more efficiently through optimization.

Our InBlock synchronizes the working capital process, adding an end-to-end layer of control that has, until now, been missing. For the first time you can streamline workflow and achieve the real time insights essential to AP, AR and treasury.

Engineered using the most advanced AI, analytics and DL technologies, our InBlock connects your entire ecosystem to put actionable, accurate data at your fingertips.

InBlock Steps

Our Customers


Gain a 3-5x ROI by lowering your cost of accounts receivable and accounts payable, improving the cash conversion cycle, and reducing fraud risk

Financial Institutions

Digitize middle and back office processes to run trade finance operations more efficiently and source secure assets through Blockchain visibility.

Trade Credit Insurance

Improve access to coverage and enhance compliance with the industry’s leading digitization solution for policy quoting and management.

LiquidX employs a holistic approach to powering your progress.

LiquidX’s time-tested InBlock digitization technology bundles the entire trade finance business onto one dashboard in a singular platform.

This helps to eliminate drag in the middle and back office and reduces systemic risk by automating manual tasks and converting paper documents to data with our deep OCR capabilities.

Our unique technology is built to ingest, structure, and read documents and to create workflows around them, creating massive gains in automation efficiencies.

Our Partners

A leader in supply chain innovation

Strategic services provider


Communication and connection between corporates, banks, and suppliers has never been more seamless and frictionless, while mitigating risk and cost. Our InBlock technology creates a seamless experience for the complex buyer through to the settlement experience.

InBlock helps banks service the longtail, middle and downstream markets, where the cost of doing business is so high. It eases the experience in the complex global supply and the corporates they’re serving.

The digitization of supply chain through LiquidX is an opportunity for an optimized solution for banks to help lower costs and substantially reduce risks.

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